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Hello, I’m Júlio Carneiro, a Web Developer

I enjoy building web solutions.

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Front-end develop with React, Styled-Components, Nextjs and Gatsby

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Hibrid apps with React-Native and Flutter

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I can develop APIs with REST/GraphQL architecture

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Hi! My name is Júlio Carneiro

A developer with main focus on building web solutions with a JavaScript and React stack. Beyond HTML and CSS, I'm familiar with the Flutter/Dart and the React library on front-end, including Nextjs and Gatsby frameworks. I'm also learning how to develop GraphQL APIs and how this amazing architecture works.

I'm able to delivery developed web applications with a great infrastructure of deployment, mainly hosted on Netlify, Firebase and Vercel Platform.

I write technical articles on front-end / mobile for my blog and the websites Tableless and React Brasil.

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